Join us as we discover a way of living differently

Building a mini, resource based economy / community right here in New Zealand

The Idea

The first step: Purchase a parcel of land

Using pooled funds from people who are earnestly interested in living the change they want to see in the form of a Resource Based Economy. It doesn’t have to be many people to begin with, at least 5 or so will do. The piece of land in question should be carefully picked so as to have maximum productivity potential (sunlight, water, gradient and climate are key factors)

Second step: Design, construct

Utilizing the best known means, design and construct key life support structures to house and nourish everyone involved. Initially this will require a good deal of pragmatism and manual labour as means and budget will be limited, however the creative use of upcycling and having WOOFERs this process will be greatly accelerated.

Third Step: Expansion

Once the existing population has sufficiently met their basic requirements (food, housing, recreation) the next round of bringing in people and further expansion of life support structures can begin. Every new person must contribute a minimum of $20,000 to enable the further construction of buildings and purchasing of more land. (A compassionate exemption from the payment will be available for those who earnestly wish to live there but simply lack the money)

Fourth Step: Flourishing

As the population and size of the community grows, the total available resources (skills, land materials, infrastructure) will grow too. This will enable more advanced means of local production and less dependence on the outside monetary economy. The community will become more enticing to greater and greater parts of the outside population as it’s facilities become more advanced / capable of providing an optimal lifestyle. This could further accelerate the expansion of the community / economy leading to an exponential growth of the RBE and eventual collapse of the money system as it is out competed by every possible metric (efficiency, safety, sustainability, productivity, quality)

Core Values

The main human values that lend themselves to effective action in all endeavors are: rationality, pragmatism, humility and creativity . These core values are what will always need to be worked at if we are to have a cohesive and positive result from this project. They can be elaborated as follows:


The aspiration to see things objectively rather than subjectively


Always channeling energy into “what works” rather than into what “could be” or “should be” from a morally purist or fanciful point of view


Awareness and acceptance of our own limitations and knowledge in any given domain. As well an acceptance of what cannot practically be changed


Unconventional thinking and ways of doing things



In order to create a more harmonious relationship with ourselves and nature it is vital that we confront the destructive habits, beliefs and conditioning which has been imposed on us by the consumer culture and society at large.

Ultimately this negative conditioning is what prevents a deeper understanding of life and the ability to experience lasting happiness and peace within.

The seed project will focus especially on utilising means such as yoga, meditation and self-inquiry to build awareness of and shift the negative conditioning within it's inhabitants

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