It’s time for real change

Our profit based economic system is out of touch with reality and is in urgent need of an upgrade.

This is a project inspired by the zeitgeist movement and he venus project

"You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete"

- Buckminster Fuller

The Party

It's policy's for meaningful change

The root of our disorder

The role that money and the economy plays in our lives cannot be understated, almost every aspect of our daily lives involves interaction with the economic system in some way or another. From buying food, to where we live and whom we interact with, are governed by the rules of today’s economy / monetary system.

Inequality, the all too present reality of some being far better off than most economically speaking is an inherent, inescapable part of the economic system of today. There's strong evidence to suggest that money will always gravitate towards those who have more to begin with, ensuring the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

This unfair, unequal divide in terms of purchasing power has been our reality for 1000’s of years and has been the root driver behind nearly all crime, war, exploitation and public health problems.

It’s time to change.


Pure Delusion

The operating assumptions and rules of our current economy do not have any basis in the current scientific understanding of nature and what is best for human well-being.

The pursuit of profit, that is self-maximising monetary gain is the basis of the neo-liberal/free-market/capitalist paradigm that rules the world today

Companies and businesses have unchecked reign over the territory they operate in, easily paying their way around laws and regulations or colluding with governments to ensure ease and profitability of their business.

The profit incentive that is built right into today’s economy is what is driving unsustainable and destructive actions globally, putting us on the path to extinction.

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Where we are

With the advent of computer technology and automation, the need for trade and money based economic activity is now obselete.

The founding principals of our current economic theory were based in the needs of a time centuries ago, when the exchange of labour and goods for money was the best way to organise and innovate.

Now economic activity can be governed by the carrying capacity of the Earth and human needs alone; utilizing the best scientific and technogical means to produce and distribute what's needed effeciently.

Human labour is fast being replaced by automation and robotics, leaving many people without a job.

Instead of resisting this inevitable transition by creating meaningless jobs to fill the void of technological unemployment, it needs to be embraced so that labour expliotation can become a thing of the past.

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A collision course with reality

The signs are clear that we are facing a crisis of unprecidented proportions, all life support systems are in steep decline globally.

Water, soil and air is being polluted faster than ever and most animal and plant species are on track for extinction within the next 100 years.

The numbers which today’s “economists” concern themselves with like GDP, exchange rates, inflation, interest rate etc Have no true relevance to human life or planetary health.

One example often used by economists to quantify the “health” of a country's economy is GDP. When you consider the fact that more people taking medicine because they are sick means GDP rises and the fact that when water is polluted meaning people have to buy bottled water also causing a rise in GDP, then it’s quite apparent there’s a serious problem with our economic system.

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